The Benefits of Copper

EPA company Copper – Antimicrobial surface, biocidal surface

Copper surfaces provide antimicrobial protection

Germs and bacteria are found everywhere. Our homes, public places, locker rooms,
cooking preparation surfaces, door knobs, push plates, switch plates, and other areas are breeding grounds for all types of bacteria. Despite our efforts to clean and sterilize these areas, bacteria abounds. Copper surfaces provide a natural defense against bacterial growth.

“Regulators Stamp Copper as a Germ Killer” is the title of
a New York Times article published on March 26, 2008. This article describes how
copper delivers a deadly blow to microbials. According to this article, the EPA has
recognized copper as a solid surface capable of protecting human health. The article
goes on to describe how copper is the first non liquid or aerosol to be recognized as a
disinfectant, and that within a few hours of contact, germs and bacteria in contact with
a copper surface is effectively dead.

See the New York Times

Protect your family
Now we’re not saying you don’t have to clean! But we believe your home is well served
when you install copper surfaces in your home. Anywhere bacteria abounds, copper
surfaces will assist your cleaning efforts. More than that, these uncoated surfaces deliver
a blow to bacteria and microbials 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  That’s like a live
in maid!.

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