Products Price List
Product Descriptions Copper Stainless
Copper Backsplash Sheeting $62.50 sq. ft. $58.00 sq. ft
Copper Bricks $103.00 sq.ft. $93.00 sq. ft
Kitchen Vent Hoods $6000.00 minimum
These items are a bid item. One must expect to spend several thousand dollars on these products. Our price includes fabrication and delivery. Installation will be the responsibility of your General Contractor. Design specifications are required to deliver a proposal. Unless otherwise specified, hood liners will be installed for fan and lighting options.
Kitchen Sinks Copper Stainless
Double Hole Sinks $2900.00 $2650.00
Single Hole Farm Sink $1950.00 $1875.00
Vanity Sinks $1475.00 $1275.00
Adde Apron $300.00 $275.00
Counter tops: Copper Stainless
24 oz tops (soldered corners) . $98.00 sq. ft $94.00 sq. ft
48 oz tops (welded corners) $158.00 sq. ft $128.00 sq. ft
48 oz tops with integrated sink $170.00 sq. ft $160.00 sq. ft
Finishes and textures for counter tops, hoods, and sinks:
Any patina finish $300.00
Protective clear coat $300.00
Cabinet Doors
These doors include complete door assemblies.
The copper or stainless steel finishes will be built into the door stiles with a flat wood back.
Most wood species $92.00 $88.00
Exotic wood species Call for quote
All of our products are subject to the fluctuating cost of the metals markets. From time to time we will need to adjust the pricing schedule to reflect an increase in the base cost of these commodities. Please confirm pricing when ordering.

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