The Process – How we Marbleize Copper

Finish selections are categorized into two descriptions, textures and color. Be sure to indicate your preferences on your order Texture selections: Random grind, random brush, vertical grind pattern, vertical brush pattern, horizontal grind pattern, horizontal brush pattern, cut n chop, butterfly, hammered (light, medium, and heavy), or your specific distress preference.

Colors selections: Plain bright, burnt orange, two color (burnt orange with metalic to yellow, multi color (burnt orange, metalic to yellow, greens, maroons, natural copper, sometimes blue), and agut (dark greys, blues, burnt copper). Random colors differ from copper piece to piece.

Marble-ized Copper bricks combine the contemparary beauty of modern metal with the traditional heritage of bricks. The reflective nature of these surfaces, even in low light conditions, attract inquisitive awe. Any vertical surface finished with this product will radiate a rare beauty, distinctly yours.

The manufacuring process for our bricks creates a slight twist on each brick. To draw the brick into square and to provide fail proof wall attachment, a mounting track, also of copper, is attached to the wall surface. The bricks are then snapped into place. Bricks are available in copper and stainless steel.

We are also able to install them on a board templated to fit your homes surface and ship it to you almost complete (we will leave out a few bricks so you are able to install screws into your wall surface, you will then need to install the loose bricks, caulk the grout lines, and your done).

Give us a call for a brick quote.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Listed below is a description of our product lines. Most of our home finishes are custom build and design. Copper is a commodity and is subject to changing market demands.

Copper sheeting (flat work)
This product is used on vertical surfaces; such as, backsplashes, stair risers, art, and other wall treatments.

Brick patterns
Our standard brick is 4″ x 8″, constructed from 20 oz copper with four returnd ecges, filled with a glued to the back backer board. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Deco tiles Slick deco Hammered deco
Tile accents for showers, bath surrounds, and other tile applications. Decos are sold in boxes containing 5 sq. ft. of tiles to tile distributors. Individual deco purchases will cost $11.00 per piece. They can be built in many different sizes from 2” x 2” to 8” x 8” .

Cabinet doors
Our cabinet doors are premium pieces of work. You can view some of our standard designs on our web site. Our door orders will be billed at 3 sq ft minimums. Doors can be build up to 50” high and 22” wide. We have many door styles to choose from.You can order copper sheeting to be installed by your cabinet maker. Just have them give us a call with the door panel dimensions.

Kitchen hoods
These are design build items, send us you design or ask us to design one for you. Installations are available for the Central Texas area

These tops are durable,built on a ¾” plywood deck. For lengths that exceed 120″’ x 30”, bolt seams are recommended. 48 oz copper can be welded.

Copper sinks
These pieces are also a custom fab. Sinks can be hammered, with apron, with drain boards, and backsplash. Under mounted sinks and drop in sinks are fabricated differently. Other finish selections may affect pricing.

Art piece
Any special design or theme, your design or ours.

Bathroom vanities
Special designs and finishes are a part of these items. Under mounted sinks and built in sinks will increase the cost and will require a specific bid proposal.

Specialty finishes
Complete design build of furnishings, bars, or other custom design build items.

Samples are available for a $50.00 minimum fee. We will include six 4” x 4” pieces of the finish selections of your choice. These samples will be 20 oz material. You can expect to receive approximately 70% of the finish selection of your choice, no two pieces will be alike but will be similar.

Our web site is updated from time to time to include the latest projects and any new finish selection or new products.

Ordering instructions:
You can fax your order to (512) 376-3112.
You can email your order to us by using our quote request form

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