About Marbleized Copper

About Marbleized Copper!

Our company is the marketing venue for the efforts of twin brothers Andy and Alan Tolley. Efforts to establish a copper product began in 2003, when Alan purchased the metal fabrication shop, Piedmont Metal in North Carolina. After selling another business, Andy started Marble-ized Copper, in February 2004, to market their products.

“Alan really has to be credited for the initial interest in our products” says Andy. “His early initiative resulted in the development of our signature ‘copper brick’ or tile product. The first time I saw that brick board, I knew we had functional art.” This two part copper product delivered a simple, reliable, and beautiful finish only found in the copper shop of Piedmont Metal. We were convinced a product like this would find a place in the home finish market and have been displaying a more complete line of copper products for several years now.

Alan Tolley is currently the sole proprietor of Piedmont Metal, the fabricator for Marbleized Copper. He received his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in 1993. His BA is from Virginia Military Institute. After graduation he served as a commissioned officer in the Navy for six years. After working for two multi-million dollar companies as a purchasing manager, he put his business experience to work redirecting Piedmont Metal from a declining revenue company to one which has experienced sales increases over 100% with annual revenues to date exceeding 40% of last years increases. This expansion has required the acquisition of additional shop space and staffing.

Andy also has military experience as an Air Force aircraft mechanic. After leaving the Air Force in 1987, he started his first service business, Alaska Hood Cleaners. After relocating to Texas, he started a local pressure washing business, CT Services, and in 1997 a fire system control service company, Under Pressure Inc. UPI experienced annual growth exceeding 20% for six consecutive years until it was sold in 2003. Two months later, he founded Marbleized Copper where we have been developing and showing our new copper lines.

Both Andy and Alan are family men. Alan and Elanor have three children, two boys and a girl. Andy and Dinna have five children, two girls and three boys. “Our families propel our initiative and commitment to customer and service. It’s what pays the bills.” We are determined to deliver a distinctive and unique product, each one, only once.

Our goals include the eventual merging the two companies to one, establishing representation in populous areas, and branding a superior product line of copper and metal finishes. Our products are, ”Made in the USA”. It is important to us that our customers receive a craftsman’s quality on every product we sell. We want to be known for fascinating each customer with a product more beautiful than they imagined, and for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Please feel free to phone or email us if you have questions about our products and services.

By Postal mail and phone :
Marbleized Copper
1804 Seawillow Dr.
Lockhart, TX. 78644-4100
(512) 563-4101: fax (512) 376-3112

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